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The secret to Social Media Marketing is to be YOU while engaging with your customers and their friends and family on THEIR turf. Do it right and you WIN!

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Original Content

In our industry “content” is often referred to as the “dirty C-word”. Creating original content is hard, it really does constitute the dirty work in our business but without it success becomes more difficult. Don’t worry, we got ya covered 🙂


Content Mix

You can’t hear it when one of your clients “unfollows” you. If it did make a sound, it would be an explosion and in flames would be your business. When you share only funny meme’s after a while, your customers will stop following along. Nough said!

Post Frequency

Our best advice is the more followers you have, the more frequently that you should post. If you only have 100 followers and you are posting 7 times per day, then you are posting too much. That many posts per day would be more appropriate for 5K followers.

Everyone’s Favorite Buzz Word…

It was 2011 when PCB Social Media Arts started to work with small local businesses who were starting to see and feel a shift in the marketing paradigm from mostly fading print mediums to more digital options. Ever since, the term “social media” has been thrown around more than Raggety-Ann, only with less of an idea of just what is being talked about exactly. If administered properly, social media can be a boon to any company’s bottom line and local reputation and if implemented poorly, could have lasting negative consequences. The proven path to social media marketing success is really just the proper mix of four things.

  • Original Content – Everyone hears radio and internet commercials and videos about how one low fee of $49.95 per month can get all of your social media platforms taken care of. It seems can’t miss, right? Hand over all of your passwords to the company and sit back and watch the $$ roll in! Of course, you know that I am over simplifying. But, the cold hard truth of the matter, it never works because these companies only want to do your company’s posting, they are not interested in developing original content that would give your company the best chance of succeeding.


  • Content Mix –  In order for your social media marketing to be effective, a certain and delicate content mix should be observed.`If you were to just pull random memes off of the internet and share them over and over eventually your followers would start to unfollow your business because they would not have confidence that you bring anything to the table in terms of value for your industry. Now if your content were a smart mix of say…Original video, original images, industry relevant news shares, industry relevant humor, human interest and original staff holiday images and videos…now THAT would provide a value to your followers that they would come to identify you with.


  • Post Frequency – Does frequency matter? You bet it does! When posting your frequency should be dictated by the size, nature and geographical make up of your followers. In general, the larger the audience, the more frequently the business should be posted to social media. This might be the biggest factor in avoiding a certain “Charred Earth” outcome, where your followers start to hit the UF button. The problem with that of course is that you will not no this until it is too late. Your other option is to hire a professional who will produce original content for your business that they will incorporate into a proper mix that they will employ at a certain pace to make the whole machine work properly, adding to your company’s bottom line.


  • Tenacity – Yes, seriously, tenacity! Like anything in life, if you want to be successful at something, it doesn’t really matter what it is, you have to do your due diligence and invest the requisite emotional, physical and mental investment and to succeed in promoting your business via social media marketing it is going to involve a certain part intestinal fortitude, a certain tenacity. PCB Social knows what this means and has a carefully constructed social media marketing plan tailored to your business.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

They’re a great company (PCB Social Media Arts) to work with, they’re on top of their game. Thank God for Paul that he came and advised us and worked with us. PCB Social really got us going on the right track to marketing our pizza business online.


Dante Ismail

Owner, Pizza One - Haskell, N.j.

PCB Social Media Arts did what was once thought to be impossible, put our family business on the internet. Paul built us our first web site and also built all of our listings on Google. He even wrote the content that ended up on the site. Thank you so much!


Debbie Zizzo

Owner Operator/Manager, Zizzo's Auto Service - Haledon, N.J.

PCB Social Media Arts has built the web sites for three of my businesses, Hasbrouck Heights Pizza, Parsippany’s Best Pizza and Gelatissimo Cafe and we are pleased with the results. Our customers can find us easily no matter where they go.


Gianluca Fernicola

Owner Operator, Parsippany's Best Pizza - Parsippany, N.J.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build my company website?

In most cases it depends on what type of development project we are talking about. If it is basic package web site it could take as little as a few weeks. If it is a wordpress site it will require a lot of proper planning and execution, taking as long as a few months. One thing is for sure, we try and under promise and over deliver in terms of time and will make sure you have a proper estimate on production times prior to contract.

In The End, Who Owns My Web Site?

When your web site is complete and our work is done, your company will own the web site. PCB Social Media Arts will have a maintenance role in making sure that your site stays current in addition to your own credentials to access the site’s dashboard.

Who is responsible for the content on my web site?

We are really great at building web sites that are dynamic and hard hitting. Writing copy for your web pages is something that we would know little about. You have two options for this, you can write the material yourself or you could hire a copy writer to write it for you. We will however mix your company’s key words into the copy for best SEO results.

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