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Or SEO as it is often referred to is the missing link for your business!

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Web Site

Optimizing your web site to it’s full capabilities is an absolute must for your business. Let us handle that for you!


Youtube is owned by Google and it’s titles and tags are “syndicated”. Youtube might just be the most important of your SEO campaigns!


Blogging could be one of the most important parts of your online marketing and SEO plans. Once a month does a business good!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is another group of words that is thrown around without the offender having a clear handle on the meaning of the phrase. There are many factors that go into a solid SEO campaign, but for the purposes of time and since the principles of SEO can probably take up a full length and hardcover textbook, We will break it down into three categories of solid SEO categories that can improve your web site and your ability to use Google to drive traffic that converts to sales to it.

  • Web Site – how effective your site is in ranking on Google is in direct proportion to how much time you spend “optimizing it”. You should make sure that all of your title tags, your meta tags, your image tags as well as your link tree are in perfect order (That’s a mark off from the Google Crawlers who crawl your site in the middle of night searching for cookies and…wait…how come that ad from Macy’s I clicked on yesterday is following me all over the internet…), not to mention the grammar and oh, did you use all original copy? You see where we are going with this? When you build your site, you need to use all of the capabilities afforded to you by the platform you are using to build your site in order to take advantage of Google and to make them drive traffic to you. The best you can do to accomplish this is to contract PCB Social Media Arts to build it for you 🙂


  • Youtube – You can all name Google as the undisputed #1 search engine on the planet, this much is obvious…but did you know who the #2 search engine on the planet is? You cheated and read ahead! That’s OK, that’s what smart people do. It’s Youtube! That’s right, if you needed to know how to basket weave in order to save the planet from the pending apocalypse, you could count on Youtube to deliver 100,000 different videos breaking down all yarn types and styles along with exotic knot combinations, all from your Iphone 7. When you think of it in those terms, it’s not hard to imagine why it is the second largest. The important thing to consider though is that while it is owned by Google it is also syndicated. This means that anything posted to your company’s Youtube channel and tagged appropriately will rise to the top of the Google rankings without so much as one red penny paid to Google. This is referred to as “organic” and is something we will get into at a later time.


  • Blogging – Blogging is another of the big three that yield a large return for your time and effort when tagged appropriately and published in the right way for your business. In today’s world, most companies that have a suitable web presence have their blog published right on their web site, which when also tagged correctly can bring your biz a nice chunk of engagement and ultimately…sales! PCB Social Media Arts is competent to take your words and spin them into a blog worthy of millions of readers (Even if only 49 read it) or we could set up your blog with your web page so that you could maintain your own blog. The important thing is that you have a blog


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

They’re a great company (PCB Social Media Arts) to work with, they’re on top of their game. Thank God for Paul that he came and advised us and worked with us. PCB Social really got us going on the right track to marketing our pizza business online.


Dante Ismail

Owner, Pizza One - Haskell, N.j.

PCB Social Media Arts did what was once thought to be impossible, put our family business on the internet. Paul built us our first web site and also built all of our listings on Google. He even wrote the content that ended up on the site. Thank you so much!


Debbie Zizzo

Owner Operator/Manager, Zizzo's Auto Service - Haledon, N.J.

PCB Social Media Arts has built the web sites for three of my businesses, Hasbrouck Heights Pizza, Parsippany’s Best Pizza and Gelatissimo Cafe and we are pleased with the results. Our customers can find us easily no matter where they go.


Gianluca Fernicola

Owner Operator, Parsippany's Best Pizza - Parsippany, N.J.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does SEO stand for anyway?

SEO is a commonly used buzzword acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO or “search engine optimization” is the act of making your web site friendly to Google for the purpose of ranking as highly as possible in “Google keyword rankings”. Aa an example, imagine that you made a video about social media and you published it to your company Youtube Channel, depending on what title you give that video will help you rank for those words and since your web site is attached to your channel, that would give added relevance in Google’s eyes and thus, a higher rank for those words for your web site. SEO is simply the practice of ranking higher on the search engines based on the content you produce and publish on a monthly basis in the form of videos, blogs, articles etc.

What is a tag?

Each page on your web site has a name and in web speak, it is called a “title tag”, it is what Google sees as your web site’s title for the purposes of relevancy which remember, determines page ranks. There are other types of tags too, like “Meta” tags “Image” tags. These tags should be included in the construction of your web site and largely determine your page rank.

What are the most popular forms of SEO that will drive traffic to my web site?

Think of SEO as a stable of tools that you can employ diligently and consistently to your marketing efforts to achieve a certain bang for your buck. The most popular tools for completing this objective are original videos, original images and blog posts that pertain to your industry and give your followers some benefit, meaning there is something in it that benefits them, some piece of knowledge or humor or some other benefit. Uploading your videos to Youtube and tagging them appropriately and doing it consistently will reap large benefits for your online marketing efforts. Original images that are loading onto Google and Pinterest and tagged properly will also bring traction if done consistently and blogs will not only perform well for your SEO efforts but they will position you as an expert in your field in the eyes of your clients and current and potential customers.

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